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Electronic Notarization & Remote Online Notarization

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Electronic Notary Services

Contracted with DocVerify, the Nation's leading company in securing documents, our goal is to ensure SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL, and RELIABLE electronic notarization processes to serve your personal and professional business signing needs.

Show Me The Notary Facts!


Effective January 21, 2013, Virginia Legislature passed Code of Virginia Section 47.1-6.1 allowing notaries to perform online (remote) notarial acts permitting signers to appear before the electronic notary via two-way live video and audio conference consistent with Virginia Code §47.1-2 and §19.2-3.1 B1, B2, and B3.


Virginia law allows remote acknowledgement to allow online notarization, enabling a signing party to acknowledge documents via audio – visual communication while retaining the option to physically appear in person before the notary. 


Bringing notarization into the 21st century!

Notarize online TODAY using our safe and secure platform.


Our integrated software includes highly rated backup support, biometric verification, tamper proof, government Grade 7 level of security, and an electronic journal through DocVerify.

Sound Signings, LLC is licensed through IdenTrust and Commissioned through the Virginia Secretary of State and DocVerify with digital credentials through DigiCert to adequately secure and complete e-notarizations. With the convenience of our web services, you can access and request this amenity from your office or home. Simply upload your documents TODAY and receive your electronic notarized signature within minutes!


Easy as 1, 2, 3! ... 4, 5!


Still Not Convinced?

Benefits of Electronic Notarizations

  • World class convenience

  • Reduces total turn-around time from days or hours to minutes

  • Signers can be anywhere IN THE WORLD or in separate locations

  • Eliminates post-loan close scanning, reducing costs

  • Closing packages sent by secure Application Program Interface (API) transfer improves security

  • Easy for witnesses, multiple signers, closing agents, attorneys etc. to attend and be present during the signing appointment



What is an electronic notarization

Electronic notarization is a process whereby a notary affixes an electronic notary signature and seal information to an electronic document (such as a PDF or Word document). Once affixed to the electronic document, the document is rendered tamper evident such that unauthorized attempts to alter the document will be evident to relying parties. The Electronic Notary also must keep an electronic register of each act performed. 

What is remote notarization?

With remote notarization, a signer personally appears before the Notary at the time of the notarization using audio-visual technology over the internet instead of being physically present in the same room. Remote online notarization (RON) is also called webcam notarization, online notarization or virtual notarization.

What is an electronic signature?

Most persons use some type of electronic signature every day. For example, clicking a “Submit” button to purchase a product online, we are signing electronically. Electronic signature is a symbol or process attached to or logically associated with an electronic document and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the document. Digital signatures involve public and private key encryption that is used to secure an electronic document or electronic message from unauthorized tampering.

Is remote notarization the same as electronic notarization?

Many people confuse electronic notarization with remote notarization, believing they are the same. THEY ARE NOT!
Electronic notarization, or eNotarization, involves documents that are notarized in electronic form, and the Notary and document signer sign with an electronic signature. But all other elements of a traditional, paper notarization apply to electronic notarization, including the requirement for the signer to PHYSICALLY APPEAR before the Notary.
The confusion arises from the fact that remote/webcam notarizations typically involve digital documents that are signed and notarized electronically. HOWEVER they go a step further in that the transaction is conducted ONLINE rather than in person.

How well is my personal information protected?

Sound Signings, LLC takes your security and privacy seriously!
The contracted online platform utilizes highly secure software systems where the data is transmitted and stored using industry-best data security practices. All user communications are encrypted and all data at rest (i.e. documents) is protected using industry-specified encryption protocols such as AES-256. All application accesses are also tracked using an audit trail.
The security policies and systems are audited and tested on a regular basis. These include audits of internal security procedures and protocols, and also comprehensive penetration testing of the software and hardware environments to provide risk assessments of the applications and associated data.

How will you validate photo ID's electronically?

1.) Produce acceptable valid (unexpired) form of ID (See Notarization Preparation page for list).
2.)  Answer a set of 5 security questions that only you should know! 
3.) Snap a photo of your ID card for diagnostic verification. Select the type of ID card you will be using, and follow the on-screen prompts to snap the photo. 
4.) After your ID photos are confirmed via bio-metric verification, it's time to connect with a notary!

What are the electronic notarial acts a Virginia electronic notary is authorized to perform?

The following types of notarial acts may be performed electronically:

  • Take acknowledgments

  • Administer oaths and affirmations (e.g., jurats)

  • Certify affidavits or depositions

  • Certify “true copies” of documents

  • Perform a verification of fact

Is the online notarizaton recorded? If so, how long is the electronic journal information and webcam conversation retained?

Yes. The Code of Virginia Section 47.1-6.1 requires all online (remote) notary conversations be recorded and all information be collected within an electronic journal just as with a traditional (written) notary to be retained for 5 yrs.

Is personal appearance required in an electronic notary act?



No.  An electronic notary may electronically notarize a document in the physical presence of the signer, however, an approved Virginia electronic notary may alternately perform acts online using audio-video conference technology. See "Is remote notarization the same as electronic notarization?" above.

Can an electronic notary take an acknowledgment online by audio/video conferencing?


Yes.  An approved Virginia Electronic Notary may perform notarial acts online using audio-video conference technology.

Can an electronic notary take an acknowledgment by phone or fax?



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